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Alphatron Propull Follow Focus 15mm

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The Alphatron Broadcast Electronics ProPull Follow Focus 15mm is a lightweight follow focus unit that works with cinema and still photo lenses. The ProPull mounts to a single 15mm support rod allowing you to mate the unit with virtually any lens. The ProPull features removable lens gears and includes a Delrin drive gear and a rubber drive wheel for lenses without gears. The drive shaft extends both forward and back of the unit, providing you two mounting options to accommodate lenses with different positions of the focus ring/gears. The focus knob features two adjustable marking index points. These can be moved to point to any position on the marking disc that is between 3 and 345° from each marking point. Flipping a simple mechanical switch converts the index points to hard stops and limits the rotation of the focus knob (and focus gear). This is useful when you want to limit how far you wish to change focus or for providing hard stops when working with lenses that do not incorporate internal hard stops.


The marking disc is made from white Delrin and magnetically attaches to the ProPull. Alphatron recommends using either pencil or non-permanent marker for making the disc. The marking disc is also conical shaped, which allows you to see your markings from various angles and allows the camera operator to easily see focus marks at a glance. The focus knob features a standard accessory socket for speed cranks, focus whips, and star knobs.


When working with lenses that focus in opposite directions, you can quickly reverse the direction of the ProPull. This is accomplished without having to use additional reversing gear mechanisms and allows you to keep the act of following focus a smooth process that relies on muscle memory instead of having to pause to remember which way to turn the knob. The included temporary, adjustable lens gear ring allows you to put a toothed gear on lenses that don't have one, if you prefer using the geared drive wheel to the rubber drive wheel. Available rod clamps allow you to use your Alphatron Follow Focus with a single 19mm rod or standard 15mm lightweight support rods (not included).



Top features:

  • Two switchable hard-stops
  • Fits to any lens diameter without modification
  • Gears mount on front or back end
  • Aluminum construction
  • Magnetic marker ring
  • One bar mounting

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Additional Information

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