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Shape Follow-Focus Riser Rail

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The Shape Friction & Gear Follow-Focus Riser Rail Kit with Adjustable Marker is a follow-focus solution fully-equipped for a camera to be added onto it. It combines Shape's Follow-Focus Friction Clic and 15mm Rod Riser System. 


The Follow-Focus Clic is designed to attach onto standard 15mm rods and can only pull focus if thus attached. The included Rod Riser System provides such rods and additionally provides a camera platform. The Riser, with the Clic and camera on it, can be mounted onto a tripod via an optional quick-release plate. The plate would attach underneath the camera platform. The platform has various 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" threaded holes in its base. The whole set can also be attached onto Shape shoulder support products. Aside from being a solution for the Clic, the Rod Riser serves additionally as a solution for other accessories, such as 35mm lens adapters and matte boxes. It takes the weight of such accessories off of a lens and onto itself. 


The Follow-Focus Clic attaches onto the Riser via a clamp system that Shape has patented. The Clic's focus wheel can be positioned on the left or right side of a lens for either left or right-handed control. The focus mechanism and focus disk of the Clic move together horizontally to adjust to the attached lens. 

The focus disk can either be a friction wheel, as you see in the photo above, or a gear wheel. Both are present in this package, and replacing one with the other is accomplished with the help of the included Allen wrench. The friction wheel has a rubber outer surface that would press up against the lens, keep firm contact with it, and ensure accurate and slip-free focusing. The friction wheel would serve well for most lenses and is made of high-quality rubber that in cold temperatures won't get too cold to lose its grip. The gear wheel would accommodate those lenses that specifically have teeth on their focusing rings, and it would do so without any ring gears, by pressing its .8 pitch gears into the teeth. The focus disk can be used either at the front or the rear of the focus mechanism so to accommodate different lens lengths. 

The Clic's white mark disk can be written on with non-permanent markers. It is thermoplastic, and it is interchangeable and thereby many predetermined measurements can be kept ready at your side. Additionally, a slide-adjustable marker made of aluminum is included to be attached beside the mark disk and to be moved and tightened into positions along the disk. 

The Clic and the Riser together create a kit that can adjust with accuracy to an added camera. The camera can be adjusted into desired positions on the Riser's camera platform; the Riser's rods can be adjusted vertically and horizontally; and the Clic is highly-adjustable as noted above.


A follow-focus solution equipped for a camera.
Mounts a tripod with an optional quick-release plate.
Can join into various Shape shoulder support constructions.
The focus mechanism can be used on the left or right side of the lens.
A friction wheel and a gear wheel are included to interchange as the focus disk.
The focus disk flips to the rear of the focus mechanism to accommodate longer lenses.
A thermoplastic mark disk can be written on with non-permanent markers and is interchangeable.
An included marker attaches beside the mark disk and slides and tightens into positions along the disk.
The included Riser additionally serves as a solution for other accessories, taking their weight off of a lens.

Top Features

  • Follow Focus Solution Equipped for a Cam
  • Consists of Shape Clic and Rod Riser
  • Mounts Tripod / Shape Shoulder Products
  • Left or Right-Handed Control
  • Focus-Adjusting Rubber Friction Wheel
  • Focus-Adjusting .8 Pitch Gear Wheel
  • Compatible w/ Various Lens Constructions
  • Interchangeable Thermoplastic Mark Disk
  • Slide-Adjustable Mark Disk Marker

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Additional Information

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