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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Power Edition - Black

PKR 47,235

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Amazing footage streamed and recorded directly to your smartphone using the inbuilt 720p HD camera.


The cutting edge EPP design of the AR.Drone 2.0 ensures it has a robust structure.


With a single touch to your screen, you can control your AR.Drone 2.0 to take-off, land, hover and flip!


HD Camera 720p

“Live streaming on your smartphone”

  • 720p - 30FPS - H264 encoding base profile
  • Low latency streaming
  • Video storage on the fly with remote device or with USB flash drive
  • JPEG photo capture
  • As you fly, the HD video is recorded and sent directly to your devic






“Impressive, intuitive!”

AR.FreeFlight is the primary application used to fly and pilot the AR.Drone. Pilot with or without the accelerometer and switch from the frontal camera to the vertical camera.

  • Record pictures, nav data & videos and upload them instantly right from the application
  • New user friendly interface
  • Compatible with AR.Drone and AR.Drone 2.0






Director Mode*

“Create high-quality and stable movie shots”

The Director mode lets you program automatic
movements so that you can shoot great videos just
like a movie director.

  • Choose your movement: traveling, pan, crane…
  • Adjust speed and moves in real time to compose your video sequence
  • Stabilization system and video post-processing to get clean smooth shots
  • Tune camera settings such as white balance, exposure and luminosity
  • Selection of key sequences in the video
  • Video sharing on YouTube and AR.Drone Academy






Flight Enhancer

Improvement in stabilization View your flights in 3D A new control mode: control by map "Return home" mode An accessory for developers




Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 77.7 x 38.3 x 12.5 mm
Weight: 31 g
Accuracy: +/- 2 meters
Frequency: 5Hz
Voltage: 5V TBC
Flash memory: 4 GB





Get high definition live video streaming to your smartphone or tablet as you are flying. See a clean, sharp image just as if you were in the pilot seat.

  • HD Camera. 720p 30FPS
  • Wide angle lens : 92° diagonal
  • H264 encoding base profile
  • Low latency streaming
  • Video storage on the fly with the remote device
  • JPEG photo
  • Video storage on the fly with Wi-Fi directly on your remote device or on a USB key



AR.Drone 2.0 on-board technology gives you extreme precision control and automatic stabilization features.

  • 1GHz 32 bit ARM Cortex A8 processor with 800MHz video DSP TMS320DMC64x
  • Linux 2.6.32
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM at 200MHz
  • USB 2.0 high speed for extensions
  • Wi-Fi b g n
  • 3 axis gyroscope 2000°/second precision
  • 3 axis accelerometer +-50mg precision
  • 3 axis magnetometer 6° precision
  • Pressure sensor +/- 10 Pa precision
  • Ultrasound sensors for ground altitude measurement
  • 60 FPS vertical QVGA camera for ground speed measurement



Trying your most daring tricks won’t even challenge this cutting edge design which is made to last.

  • 3 Carbon fiber tubes : Total weight 380g with outdoor hull, 420g with indoor hull
  • 4 High grade 30% fiber charged nylon plastic parts
  • 5 Foam to isolate the inertial center from the engines’ vibration
  • 6 EPP hull injected by a sintered metal mold
  • 7 Liquid Repellent Nano-Coating on ultrasound sensors
  • Fully reparable: All parts and instructions for repairing available on the internet



Fly high. Fly fast. Far away from the ground.

  • 4 brushless inrunner motors. 14.5W 28,500 RMP
  • 1 Micro ball bearing
  • 1 Low noise Nylatron gears for 1/8.75 propeller reductor
  • 1 Tempered steel propeller shaft
  • 1 Self-lubrificating bronze bearing
  • 1 Specific high propelled drag for great maneuverability
  • 1 8 MIPS AVR CPU per motor controller
  • Emergency stop controlled by software
  • Fully reprogrammable motor controller
  • Water resistant motor’s electronic controller


What’s in the pack

  • 1 AR.Drone 2.0
  • 1 Indoor hull
  • 1 Outdoor hull
  • 1 Charger
  • 2 HD Battery 1500 mAh
  • 3 Sets of coloured propellers


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