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External Hard Drives Prices in Pakistan

Storage for PCs and tablets is always very requisite and it ever stays costly. By putting some amount more on storage you can add tetra byte to your PC or laptop via external hard drives. Every person having a computer out there from huge desktop tower PCs to small tablet PCs, can easily connect to a hard drive because every PC has at least one external hard drive connectivity option while installation is also very straight and simple. On another side if you have more multiple ports you can tie much more but the major object is which one to choose that suits best for you.

Now first one thing is to get to know about the types of external hard drives, these types are given below;

Portable Hard Drives OR Notebook Class Drives

Portable external hard drives are 2.5inches in size powering through connector cable, in fact, the difference is in the interface which is connecting external hard drive to your PC, placed in slimline enclosure enabling a user to carry it anywhere with ease. These drives are USB powered since one does not need to carry a separate power supply element.

Desktop External Hard Drives OR Desktop Class Drives

It has 3.5-inches mechanism identical to same like hard drives in PCs and these are composed actually to vacate in one place, may be on your home desk or at the office. These drives are enclosed in the comparatively bigger enclosure that also has fans to keep the drive cool during operations. These devices have been designed with the objective of more storage capacity rather than portability. These drives are larger in size still you can take it along with you, just unplug it and transport it.

Buying Guide

When one is going to buy external hard drives before he must have to understand the jargons used for, for your guidance we have stated them below;

• The Foremost thing is the drive capacity that is quoted in GBs OR in TBs actually indicating the capacity of storage; here your selection all depends on your requirements.

• Second is the speed of an external hard drive at which it rotates during processing called spindle speed. This speed is stated in RPM that means revolutions per minute. So the average speed for portable external hard drives should be 5400 RPM while 7200 RPM for desktop external hard drives.

• The third one is the interface type by which an external hard drive is connected to computer system, these interfaces have the two types; one is the USB and second one is the Firewire IEEE 1394.

External Hard Drives in Pakistan

While buying a product, quality and reliability are the two major factors to consider along with nominal prices. is the online shop providing you with all genuine brands in affordable prices. If you are considering to buy external hard drives online, is the one reliable retailer dealing in original branded external hard drives. Go through our category page and check external hard drives prices in Pakistan. Order now and get free shipping to any space all over the country.

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