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Monster Turbine PRO Gold High-Performance In-Ear Headphones

PKR 41,499

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24 - 48 Hours
1 Year Warranty



Individual Fit for Perfect Comfort and Noise Isolation If you think in-ear headphones are uncomfortable or can't deliver high-performance sound, prepare to to be amazed by Turbine Pros. Unlike most other “earbuds,” with their “one-size-fits-most” approach, your Turbine Pro Gold include a full set of four different sound-isolating performance eartips in numerous shapes and sizes to accommodate any ear. The result? A perfect fit and a perfect seal. Listen to your music-not outside noise-with the most comfortable in-ear headphone on the market.

Rediscover Your Music with Turbine Copper Pros 
Color, dynamics, nuance – these are just some of the characteristics that define and distinguish music and musical performances. Attention to such details can mean the difference between an exhilarating experience and a forgettable one. When designing Turbine Pro Copper professional in-ear speakers, Monster took painstaking attention to all the details, using the finest components and wiring to an advanced in-ear speaker design to ensure that all the musical details come through with unprecedented beauty, energy and accuracy. Like the finest studio monitor, with Turbine Pro Coppers the natural timbres of instruments and voices are presented with startling accuracy. Heaven-storming symphonic works or the subtle dynamic shadings of an acoustic trio are reproduced in exceptional detail. Expect waves of rich yet transparent sound, never dull or artificial. Ultimately, Turbine Pro Coppers preserve the ultimate value of the sound and the music – the sound of  music itself. Prepare to be lifted by the sound like never before.

And your music can move with you, too! Two soft, velvet-like pouches, that fit easily in a shirt pocket, are included to cradle and protect the Turbines when not in use. You can carry a set of reference-quality speakers with you wherever you go! And if you think in-ear headphones are uncomfortable, wait until you wear Turbine Pro Coppers for the first time. An assortment of five different ear tips ensures the Turbine Pro Coppers not only stay in your ear when in use, but sit softly and comfortably in the ear for hours of effortless listening. These are not just tips, but “SuperTips,” carefully designed to keep outside noise from interfering with the music. Our design simply makes makes listening much better.Turbine Pro Coppers are all about the music, and that's what you'll hear more of.


  • Contemporary and stylish copper with bright chrome design mirrors aircraft turbine engine
  • Audiophile-grade components and performance in a portable, lightweight package
  • Speed, delicacy and power
  • Unsurpassed tonal accuracy
  • Subwoofer capable of reproducing a 20Hz tone
  • Contemporary and stylish gold with black chrome design mirrors aircraft turbine engine
  • Proprietary speaker driver design
  • Heavy duty strain relief
  • SuperTip eartips for unprecedented performance and noise isolation
  • Soft sewn pouch houses and protects headphones
  • Clip pouch and revolver holder keeps eartips organized
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with all portable media players




True studio quality, reference sound from an in-ear speaker sets Monster Turbine Copper Pro apart
Have you ever dreamed of having your own recording studio? Or maybe just having a chance to sit at the mixing board of your favorite studio and watching and listening as a skilled engineer and producer bring a recording together? Perhaps you work in the music industry and demand the most from your equipment? Whether you're an industry professional or an audiophile whose face lights up during discussion of direct-to-disk recordings, Monster's Turbine Pro Copper Edition Professional In-Ear Speakers are designed to deliver the finest musical details while letting the power and personality shine through. Accurate, life-like and involving, Turbine Pro Copper Gold Edition In-Ear Speakers are  reference quality loudspeakers for your ears.




  • Ultra-wide bandwidth driver delivers clean, dynamic and accurate sound
  • All-metal housing eliminates unwanted resonances
  • Extraordinary bass response thanks to a subwoofer capable of reproducing a 20Hz tone
  • Rugged construction features Pro Strain Relief to withstand a lifetime of heavy-duty use
  • Patented Magnetic FluxTube employs the same technology used in the best Monster Speaker cables
  • 24K Gold-plated Contacts ensure maximum signal transfer, resist corrosion and look great
  • Two soft and luxurious cases protect your headphones in style
  • Cable Management System keeps weight off headphones for added comfort and reduces tangles during storage
  • Right Angle Connector hugs player to stay out of your way and reduces wear. Compatible with all portable media players
  • 8 sizes of high-performance sound-isolating eartips ensure a perfect fit and seal


    Who are they for?

    • For lovers of tube gear
    • If you find it fatiguing to listen to most digital recordings
    • If you tend to adjust your audio system to bring out the bass for added low-end punch
    • For lovers of vinyl records who want the warmth of analog in the digital domain
    • If “feeling” the music is as important to you as hearing it
    • For superb playback of blues, country, pop, reggae, rock and R&B
    • For music lovers ready to take the next step up the “audio ladder” and discover the difference between ho-hum and high fidelity

    How do they sound? 

    • Rich, smooth and easy to listen to for hours
    • Present a large and vivid soundstage
    • Deliver the musical “big picture” while keeping each instrument and voice in its own space
    • Like a favorite pair of loudspeakers you've had for years
    • Bold, virile and brimming with energy
    • Produce low-reaching bass without artificial warmth or muddiness
    • Warmer than neutral, but never stuffy or “heavy”
    • Deliver the pure joy of music and music making
    • Can give new life to thin-sounding recordings and even compressed audio files such as MP3s

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