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LG LED TV Prices in Pakistan

LG is the brand very well known at all times for its wide range of products covering everything like from very lowest price televisions to very high prices luxury OLEDs. Here the very first and most one thing is the resolution of TV while the next and second thing is the model number reflecting the year in which it is released. With these elements, the derivation goes to higher the number higher will be the price range. LG is always there to meet the demands of the market, means it has everything for an economical consumer to elite class while reliability rating is fine enough to get the best of LG TVs.

When it comes to OLEDs LG was the pioneer and still offering best superior class LED TVs. On another side, LG offers best viewing angles for IPS LCDs which are perfect for wider TV lounges and living rooms. If we talk about the most recent offerings from LG for LED TVs here in this year you have much more to see.


For LED televisions is very in touch with all the latest models from various renowned brands. We keep our stock updated for our Pakistani customers, enabling them to access newest models in affordable prices. LG latest models arrived at in LEDs, Smart LEDs, Smart 3D LEDs, 4K LEDs and Curved LEDs. This huge range is enough for customers to make the best choice.

Pricing and Order

Take a view of the market and you will get dear prices from various stores while we are offering lowest affordable prices for all brands. Take a look at our showcased category, there you can see available latest models, here some of the most popular and outstanding models are stated below;

• LG 55" HD SMART LED TV-55LH595
• LG 55" SUHD SMART LED TV (55SJ800)
• LG 49" FULL HD LED TV (49LH511)
• LG 32" HD LED TV (32LF510D)

Openly inviting you to come and check LG LED TV prices in Pakistan to make your final decision and order now.

24/7 Customer Support Staff

Stay calm and buy online from us. We are here all the time to serve your queries, we are just a single poke away from you can send us an email, make a phone call or send a message on our WhatsApp support; you will get your issue resolved at the earliest. Our representatives are here to assist you in the whole processes from ordering to delivery.

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