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G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra For PS3 Game

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Electronic Arts
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Suit up, grab your gear and prepare to lock and load as you take control of the elite G.I. JOE team against the evil forces of COBRA. Based on the upcoming film from Paramount Pictures, the G.I. JOE video game picks up where the movie leaves off, allowing players to re-create and re-live the greatest moments from the blockbuster film, cartoon and action figure toy line.


Key Features

Move Beyond the Movie - All-new storyline developed exclusively for the game picks up where the movie leaves off.

Live GI Joe - Experience the greatest moments from the film, cartoons and toys.

Pick Your GI Joe Team - Choose from 12 GI Joe characters, as you exploit their unique fighting styles, skills and weapons.

Unlock Playable Cobra Characters - Play as four different Cobra characters.

Co-op Team Play - Two-player single-screen co-op play lets you and a friend pick your elite GI Joe team and call in support from other GI Joe characters.

Venomous Cobra - Battle the deadliest Cobra bosses as you snake your way through enemy territory.

Pedal to the Metal - Command heavy firepower with GI Joe vehicles and artillery.



At heart GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is an old-school 3D shooter with a fast-paced arcade feel. The game elaborates on the storyline that drives the major motion picture of the same name, but is not bound by it. This means that along with many of the characters that make an appearance in the movie, you can also expect to see additional faces and references from the franchise. Players choose from 12 playable Joe characters, including Snake Eyes, Duke, Gung Ho and Heavy Duty, each with his own combat specialty, weapons of choice, and special enhanced abilities. Each character falls under one of three classes: heavy, combat soldier or commando. It's the players task to pick the character with the skills that best suits the combat situation at hand. Through these characters players will also have access to a variety of vehicles, some not seen since much earlier days in the franchises history.

As players battle across levels, eradicating Cobra units as they go, they will take damage as well as accumulate points. But as they pass through danger they will automatically regenerate health points, so simply staying alive pays a certain amount of dividends. With actual victory in engagements though they will also fill their "ability meter." This meter when completely full allows characters to unleash for a short time, their current character's unique special ability on an enemy. They may also bank this ability to gain access to the "Accelerator Suit," which related to the movie storyline, provides invincibility for a limited time as well as a different arsenal of weapons.


Local Co-op Multiplayer

Along with a robust single player campaign, players can also choose to engage Cobra with a friend in the game's local cooperative game mode. As in the single player mode, within this players battle their way across levels, clearing as many Cobra members out of their path as they go using the variety of weapons, vehicles and skills at their command. The beauty of the mode is that although you are working together towards a goal, you are also earning individual points, which in a way makes for a joint cooperative and competitive endeavor.


Plenty of Unlockables

The Rise of Cobra features a variety of unlockables in a variety of areas that keep its arcade-style action fresh. Just a few of these include four unlockable Cobra bosses, which add to the replayability of the game; more than 70 file cards which hold the vital stats for Joe and Cobra characters seen in the game; and even several public service announcements (PSAs) featuring footage from the original GI Joe cartoon.

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