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Vegetable Slicers

Vegetable Slicers at Best Prices in Pakistan

Whether household or professional chefs, they always look for easy, reliable and fun alternate for slicing vegetables for their veggie meals. It is very handy kitchen tool you must have, it helps you in reducing wastage and also save your precious time. Vegetable slicers enable you to cut and slice vegetables in good presentable way. If we talk about kinds of vegetable slicers we have the following two major categories in which they can be classified;

Professional Vegetable Slicers

These are pretty heavy and big slicers usually for restaurant kitchens where chefs have to create uniform quick slices like for salads, potato slices for chips or sticks for fries. Essential for specialty cuts like waffle-cut chips. It enables chefs to make cuts with consistent thickness so that diners get perfect plating food for which they are paying high.

Home Vegetable Slicers

These are bit handy and very easy to use because at home we do not need such high precision though very essential for rapid slicing. At home vegetable slicers can be used for salad or potatoes for gratin.

Top Brands

If you take a glance at market, you will notice so many branded slicers available at various prices, for your convenience in selection here we are going to discuss top three brands as following;

Siemens: It is a well know brand, offering universal slicers in great features like stainless steel blades along width of cutting 17mm, foldable, rubber feet, thumb protection, push button controls while cutting width can be adjusted as per your need.

Anex Slicers: Anex slicers are available in various series like French fries cutter, potato cutter and multi wonder. Anex is also very reliable in terms of quality and reliability along economical prices.

WestPoint: Westpoint is becoming a familiar brand and getting much appraise for its products. If we talk about westpoint multi wonder vegetable slicer, it is very handy and useful for household women while prices are very affordable.

Bottom Line

There are so many kitchen tools and devices to perform kitchen chores efficiently; one of among them is kitchen vegetable slicers. is providing vegetable slicers from some great brands of the world for our customers in Pakistan while prices are very economical. Just go through our category showcase for vegetable slicers and buy now in best prices in Pakistan.