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Branded Steam Iron Prices in Pakistan

If you are the person who has hatred for wrinkle clothes, you are gentle. After laundry the foremost thing a dress required is the proper ironing without which you cannot get it adorable. Ironing has been noticed as a boring task for household women, depending upon your routine of pressing clothes and how much time you are spending on it, yet it is inevitable. Most significant thing here is the type of iron you are using. If you want to get it down smoothly and quickly, steam iron is really appreciable. With this iron you can press all stubborn wrinkles very smoothly and rapidly so that you will not feel it a boring exercise and it also makes your garment as crispy as original.

If we talk about the types of steam iron available in the market we can notice this classification by iron soleplate material, weight, size and other features. All are good for the subject but some produce more steam to get this task done more quickly while others are distinguished by quality of soleplate or over all material.

Types of Steam Iron

Different types of steam iron include the following;

Traditional Steam Irons: Produces very small about of hot steam to be applied on fabric, ironing from this type is not durable. It can be used with tap water simply.

Steam Ironing System: It takes much time to heat up while it applies constant steam with high pressure. It takes more space and do not turn off automatically.

Cordless Irons: It is same like traditional steam irons but do not have power cord

Features of Steam Iron

Modern Steam irons have the following main features making your ironing task very convenient and easy;

1- Auto turn off system.

2- List of numerous fabrics to handle temperature accordingly

3- It has transparent and removable water reservoir.

4- Adjustable steaming system

5- Surge button to apply extra blast of steam for more stubborn wrinkles.

Available Brands at

What is offering is all about exceptionally marked collections, all updated latest to date. We have countless brands of steam irons including Philips, Braun, Kenwood, Panasonic, Alpina, Westpoint, Siemens and many more. Just go through our catalog page and you will surely find the right fit for your need at most lowest prices in Pakistan never been offered by other online stores.

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