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Dryer Price in Pakistan

Revive your laundry experience with our enhanced washing machine dryer price in Pakistan!

We have introduced the latest Laundry intimate: The washing machine dryer combo, where functionality is paramount! Say goodbye to the difficulty of separate machines and hello to the ease and hassle-free washing!

Are you looking for the perfect dryer in Pakistan? Look no further! offers top-notch washing machine dryers options that fulfil your requirements accordingly. Explore our multiple collection of washing machine dryers with their latest features and functions!

We understand our customer’s demand that’s why we offers best affordable rates to ensure our customer to get the exceptional value for their money. We’ve dryers of Citizen, Bright Asia, Homage, Gaba National, Dawlance, Boss, Royal, Kenwood, Jackpot and many other brands, you can discover one of the best washing machine dryer as per your budget that suits your lifestyle.

List of Dryer Machine price in Pakistan

Enviro Single Tube Spinner Dryer Machine RS. 19,199
Yashica Top Load Clothes Dryer Machine RS. 26,499
Yashica Clothes Dryer Machine RS. 21,499
Citizen Top Load Plastic Body Washing & Dryer Machine RS. 34,899
Bright Asia Clothes Dryer Machine RS. 26,999
Semi Automatic Cloth Dryer Machine RS. 17,899
Homage Sparkle Series Single Tub Spinner Machine RS. 17,136
Gaba National Spinner Dryer RS. 25,000
Dawlance Top Load Semi Automatic Dryer RS. 25,704
Royal Spinner Dryer Machine White RS. 22,491
Boss Spin Dryer Machine Grey RS. 16,950
Kenwood Twin Tube Glass Top Washing & Dryer Machine RS. 33,737
Dawlance Spinner Dryer White RS. 68,251
Boss Round Shape Dryer Machine RS. 25,441
EcoStar Spin Dryer Washing Machine RS. 25,187
Haier Top Load Automatic Dryer Machine RS. 17,136
Jackpot Spin Dryer Washing Machine RS. 16,087

In today’s fast-paced technology, laundry tasks consider as the difficult tasks that consume your precious time and energy. is the era of washing machine dryers in Pakistan where you can find the most efficient machine dryers at unbeatable rates. Most of the dryers comes with a variety of programs tailored to meet your needs and handles the laundry loads as well as different fabric types. Those customers who need their clean clothes in less time, dryers comes to an action as they delivers fresh and quick laundry in mean time.

In today’s world, technologies like drying sensor and water features make sure that dryers consume less energy and water, making them efficient and effective. The benefit of washing machine dryers is their functionality as they just not only wash your clothes with preciseness but also dry them perfectly. Some washing machine dryers provides smart features with connectivity allowing to monitor your laundry tasks through smart phone apps that adds an extra layer of convenience in your daily routine.

Washing machine dryers are a game changer for households in Pakistan, providing exceptional convenience and efficient performance.  If you’re a homemaker, a student, or a professional worker washing machine dryer can transform your laundry routine. have a wide array of washing machine dryer models available at different price ranges that upgrade your lifestyle in Pakistan.



Q) Is a washing machine with a dryer good?

Washer dryer combos are a great solution for small houses and small households. They have a smaller footprint than standalone appliances and the dryer capacity is best suited to one-to two-person households.


Q) Does all washing machine have dryer?

A fully automatic washing machine generally has two main features: washing and spinning to remove water. However, it typically does not have a built-in dryer like a washer-dryer combo machine.


Q) Do I need a dryer for washing machine?

If you want your clothes to be air-dried completely, you will need a dedicated dryer for the same.


Q) Does washer dryer use a lot of electricity?

The average estimate is around 1.5 kWh per washing cycle (around 30 cents) and 4.5 kWh per drying cycle (around 90 cents).


Q) What are the disadvantages of a dryer?

One of the most significant disadvantages of using a dryer is the toll it takes on your clothes. The constant tumbling and exposure to high heat can cause your fabrics to wear out faster.


Q) Do washer dryers fully dry?

Yes. Washer dryers usually have 2 dry only settings, high heat for cottons and low heat setting for delicates.


Q? Can you use a dryer for all clothes?

Any clothing that displays the tumble dry symbol can safely be dried in the tumble dryer.


Q) Which is better a dryer or washing machine?

 Using separate machines for drying and washing offers advantages, considering it’s within your budget and space.


Q) How long do washer dryers take to dry?

Normally the dryer takes a smaller load than the washer bit so you would need to take some clothes out. Washer dryers are a bit crap, combined washer dryers dry a lot slower than a separate tumble dryer. 2hrs at least for the drying cycle.


Q) Why does a washer dryer take 4 hours to dry?

Some of the most common reasons include overloading the dryer, power sources issues, clothes being too wet, a dirty dryer lint screen, clogged dryer vents, or possible part malfunctions.

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