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Homage is the company known for performance, quality and strength. Homage has done a lot of hardwork in the past few years to create products that are rocking the current market. They promise to show some big innovation in technology which is surely fulfilled by this company for over 13 years satisfying a huge crowed all across Pakistan. Introducing new appliances in a short span is this company’s passion and has therefore become the leading power appliance production company in Pakistan. No one can doubt the performance and quality of their appliance as these are safely used in almost every home and commercially as well.


The answer to this question is just simple and that is the surplus quality and great performance at very reasonable price. is giving you a great opportunity to buy some amazing Homage inverters of different models and prices easily from their website while sitting and relaxing at home. The procedure is very easy and you can get it delivered at your doorstep. Due to intense loadshedding in Pakistan, Homage came up with an idea of producing inverters that can help solve this problem.

The device is simply attached to an electrical supply and on the other hand attached to a heavy battery that gets charged when the electric supply is available. The time electric supply is cut off due to some technical issues or loadshedding the real work of the inverter starts. Here it starts itself automatically and supplies the required amount of electricity to the premises through the heavy battery. Isn’t it that simple? Yes it is the installation can be done some professionals to avoid any hazards or risks. Homage inverters are successfully used in homes and for many commercial purposes. It is no doubt the best problem solver in this hot weather.

Different models are available that are currently available in the market and on with some amazing features that can let you use different electronic items but in specific amount. Each model is different from another and comes with a detailed description of how many lights you can use and how many fans you can run along with some other appliance. The device can be easily mounted on the wall for flexible installation and each model is having multi-functional LCD beeping alarm and LED indicators. These inverters are very cost effective as compare to generators and are equipped with some awesome features such as:

  • Low battery shutdown.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Overcharged shutdown.
  • Overload alarm.
  • Overload shutdown.
  • Short circuit shutdown.
  • Over temperature shutdown.


Simply add the Homage price in Pakistan to your cart and mention the quantity. Feel easy to continue shopping through our website and simply finish by checking out. Some important information regarding payment and delivery will be asked to complete the shopping spree. Our website guarantees 100% genuine products with fastest delivery all across Pakistan.

For further information confidently post us with your queries through email, live chat or phone call. We are 24/7 available to serve any sort of questions.

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