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LG Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (F10C3QDP2)

PKR 51,099

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24 - 48 Hours
1 Year Official

Details brings you the best price for LG Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (F10C3QDP2) with 1 year official warranty and free shipping all over Pakistan.





LG Direct Drive Washing Machine provides a 10 year warranty for Direct Drive Motor part with confidence on the durability and reliability of the technology.


The Direct Drive motor for the washing machine manufactured by LG Electronics has no defects during a full 2,200 cycles and has been verified to endure a 10-year lifespan.


Easy Washing optimized with "Auto Weight & Wash"
By always selecting the optimum program, LG washers can lower energy and water consumption.

Load Detection:

LG Direct Drive Motor detects how many laundry is loaded, and selects the optimum washing time, rinsing times, and water consumption based on this information.
Load Detection can save your time and money





Have you ever experienced not being able to wash at night because your washing machine was too loud? Have you ever annoyed because you could not take a rest in the living room while you were doing the laundry in the kitchen? Maybe you have also experienced being worried because it vibrates too much on a concrete floor.


The Lowest noise Level 54db(SPL) In 1400RPM Spinning

With an innovatively new damping system, it performs the lowest noise level of 54dB reducing more than 5dB compared to LG Conventional washing machines. Furthermore, it provides even lower noise levels in Silent Wash Course of only 51dB.


Basic Motion:

Conventional wash motion where clothes are moved from the bottom of the drum to the top in a large circular motion. It supported normal washability and distribution.





Silent Wash

The Laundry is rolled below the water level. You will hardly hear any noise, like noise falling from the inner drum. Since the laundry is washed below the water with more friction.





Effective Detergent dissolving

In the water supplying stage, the scrub Motion with the waved Lifter makes swire which dissolves the powder detergent better and faster




Wrinkle Care

Clothes are lifted to the top of the drum and then sharply fall to the bottom of the drum. It helped you to get the less wrinkle clothes.





Even washing performance

Clothes are sticked to the side of drum by spin, and then the detergent water is sprayed to clothes evenly and fastly. It supported more better washing performance.





Clothes are gently tossed side-to-side for a delicate handwash effect. It supported sensitive fabrics for gentle wash.





Washing Performance thorough Inverter Technology. Better wash for tough dirts by controlling power and movements.





Optimized courses for every type of fabrics. Less wrinkle and less damage with 6 Motion.


No more pre wash and less washing time. Deep washing makes no more pre wash and reduced total washing time. Less detergent usage possible because of better dissolving and rinsing performance.



TUMBLING(Basic Motion)

Conventional wash motion where clothes are moved from the bottom of the drum to the top in a large circular motion. It supported normal washability and distribution.


SCRUBBING(Effective Detergent dissolving)

Conventional : Detergents are sunk to the bottom of tub
6 Motion - Effective dissolution of detergent when supplying water
Move effectively rinsing in the water and exaggerating the movement of clothes.


ROLLING(Silent Wash)

Conventional : Noise from the falling of wet clothes
6 Motion-Decreased noise from falling clothes
-Consistent rolling rather than dropping from the of the drum


FILTRATION(Even washing performance)

Conventional : unevenly water saturated in big loading tub
6 Motion : Wetting the laundry with 108 rpm on every clothes



Conventional : Impossible to protect clothes by only one motion (tumbling)
6 Motion-protect delicate clothes by gentle motion in the water
-Improvement of clothe damage & Shrinkage rate


STEPPING(Wrinkle Care)

Conventional : Clothes stick to tub after spinning
6 motion : Wrinkle free by stepping on washing and spinning cycle








Evaluation by AATCC Standard


  • Clothes : Dress Shirt 3ea
  • Fabric : Cotton 75% + Polyester 25%







Diagnosis Computer

  • Fast finding defects
  • Exact solution





Exact problem description and Ez-communication will be able to possible.

No more wait for an answer from SVC directly

LG Smart Diagnosis Technology reduces unnecessary visit for SVC with a visible change.



  • Less efforts to deliver faults
  • Deecreased SVC fee payment
  • Fast and precise SVC handling

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