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Liquid Dispenser

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Install the new liquid dispenser SD series that is part of at immaculate quality and best price. The shiny new wall mounted device is considered the modern piece of hygienic products that we have included from high rate brand companies. Keep a sanitary environment by mounting this in the vicinity and experience the freshness that it brings to your life.

Soap Filled Dispenser

Place a large amount of liquid soap in the dispenser and apply it daily to remove the germs and diseases. The heady scent from the soap opens up the senses and keeps the skin clean and cool. The device has an overall good capacity and can carry an appropriate amount of soap that can last for days. Easy to use and; easy to wipe, has the perfect equipment for both residential and public areas.

High Quality Infrared Sensor

We have the best dispensers that are fitted with new technological features. The infrared sensor usually at the bottom of the liquid dispenser is a smart detection mode. Place your hands below and it will detect immediately thus spraying the right amount of soap into your hands. No need to manually push the button and catch the soap with the other. The design has been made to look slim & attractive yet complete the allotted task in full time.

Clear LCD Display

No need to open up the dispenser every time – check the front LCD display as it shows the level of soap that it contains. Even the battery display meter is shown and can be easily seen due to bright quality LCD display calibration blend mode which does not fade. always brings the best product which can be of worthy benefit to the customers. Liquid dispenser is in the long line of items that join such an elite category in our product system.