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Oddity Glass Seasoning Containers Set Of 5

PKR 849

• The jar of spices made of glass material
• Sleek, clean, neat, safe, suitable for every kitchen space.
• Glass helps you distinguish each type of spices.
• Product is compact, easy to disassemble and clean to clean.

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Set of 5 glass jars containing spices, liquids, ... convenient, clean for your kitchen. 5 glass containers of 5 sizes 5-piece GLASS SPACE KITCHEN KIT Set of 5 high-grade, transparent and delicate glassware jars throughout each line. A box of 1 large bottle of 500ml, 2 bottles of 380ml and 2 small bottles of 260ml. You can clearly see the inner spices such as salt, sugar, mono sodium glutamate without confusion. The mouth of the vial is covered with a plastic layer that matches the cap. A luxurious and exquisite gift for family, friends and customers