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Office & Media Accessories has introduced a new line of office related accessories that are making waves in the marketing sector. ‘Office and Media’ deals with all forms of machines and security devices that are vital for any office and private working environments. Apply these devices and use them to invoke maximum positive results. Always stay safe and secure with

Memory & Storage

Get the new hard drives with top level storage and security for offices. Contains high cloud storage to protect data and prevent any outside interference from tampering with it. It comes with personal account access layer system for appropriate transfer of data.  Boasts a high performance rating and removes heating issues by 100%. Look to the future and integrate your data devices with these secure data servers.


Gain access to the fastest working networking Wi-Fi system in Pakistan. Be a part of the new technology craze that is going among the youngsters. This is a great modification into internet development and has taken the top tier wireless routers and range extenders under its cover. Dual band routers and modems from internationally acclaimed companies are part of our esteemed category products.

Electronic Office Equipment

Say goodbye to the physical document generation system era and implement the electronic document upload. This new setup is a digital paper system installed in many electronic devices that can be purchased from It contains numerous features with flexible writing with stylus at high quality display. Also includes several useful methods to easily navigate documents.

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