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Rossmax 3 in1 Respiratory Solution (NK1000)

SKU : CER1-0013
Rs. 15,600
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About this Item brings you the best price for Rossmax 3 in1 Respiratory Solution (NK1000) with express shipping all over Pakistan



3 Breath Solution 3 in 1 Respiratory Solution

Rossmax 3BREATH is a unique 3in1 compressor nebulizer that integrates with a nasal washer and a nasal aspirator. The nebulizer enables efficient medication delivered to the upper airways and lung periphery. It provides comprehensive, effective and convenient care for common respiratory conditions.


MMAD ≤2.5 μm; Fine Particle Dose (FPD): 80-85%

 Patented Valve Adjustable nebulizer bottle (VAT)

 Low noise with silencer and vibration-absorber design

High nebulization rate/full open is for high viscosity medications and high breathing capacity user while low flow rate with close valve will be more appropriate for kids / infants with lower breathing capacity. Thanks to the reduction of wasted medication, VAT is also recommended for respiratory disorders such as COPD and Asthma as well as intensive use in general. The following Nebulizers are equipped with our VA Technology.


Nasal Washer

Flushes nasal cavities and rhinopharynx to clear secretions, mucus and harmful substances and alleviates allergic symptoms
 Nasal washer nebulizes 10ml of solution in about 2 minutes
 Silicone nasal adaptors provide comfortable and soft touch and reliable seal
 Made of biocompatible and non-allergenic materials.
 Comes with 3 sizes of nasal adaptors and suitable for the whole range


Nasal Aspirator

Removes mucus to alleviate nasal congestion by clearing a blocked nose.
 It is safe and gentle solution to a blocked nose in babies.
 Thanks to the Dual pump design, nebulization and suction pump, provides the maximum hygiene to avoid cross infection.
 Adjustable vacuum level
 Ergonomic design to ensure a smooth operation
 Max vacuum @ pump inlet: -450 mmHg
 Max air flow @ pump inlet: >5 L/min



Asthma becomes apparent by frequent, spasmodic gasping for air and wheezing. As with chronic bronchitis, the bronchi are inflamed and obstructed with phlegm while the cilia are conglutinated. The respiratory passages also respond to certain stimuli with muscular spasms, often caused by allergens such as pollen or house dust, but also stress and environmental pollution.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term poor airflow. The main symptoms include shortness of breath and cough with sputum production. COPD is a progressive disease, meaning it typically worsens over time. Eventually everyday activities, such as walking up stairs, become difficult. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are older terms used for different types of COPD.


Efficent Respiratory

Utilizing the new technologies to improve the management and treatment of asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions. With nebulizer systems, patients have the ability to effectively manage and treat their respiratory condition anywhere, anytime.

Nasal Washer
Nasal Aspirator
Instruction Manual
Masks for adult and child
Nebulizer kit, mouthpiece
Air filters

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