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Saariya's Mustafavi Markhor Storks 3D Metal Lapel Pin Black

by Saariya's be the Man!
PKR 2,200

Markhor 3D Metal Locket
 Made In Solid Metal
 3 Layers Antique
 Metal Furnace Plattings

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Markhor Black Storks 3D Metal Lapel Pin By Saariya’s Markhor Black Storks | Myth Or Real ?Markhors Black Storks Are Elite Republican Guards They Are Fearless Assassins Who Travel Behind Enemy Lines And Probably Never Return | The Have One Primary Objective And To Achieve That Primary Objective , They Have Authority To Take Down Any Hurdle | Trained On The Principals Of Yenicaris, Of Khilafat Usmaania , Known To Obtain Their Primary Trainings With SSG Black Storks But Not Many Even Their Closest Know They Are Markhors And Mostly Mistaken For An SSG While Training By Their Fellows , Their Batch-Mates May Never See Them Again As Sometime Markhor Black Storks  Get Assignments To Stay More Than 5-10 Years Under Cover Before They Strike ! Are They Sleeper Cell? Well No , They Are Actually The Only “Awake Cell” , Defending Islamic Republic Of Pakistan & Our Ideology Remember Markhor Black Storks Donot Waste Even A Second Distracted From Their Objective , They Do Not Hybernate But Keep Making Ground For The Final Strikes Markhor Black Storks Are Invisible Soldiers, They Are Delisted From Regular Ranks, They Dont Injoy A Normal Life , Not Much Is Known Of Them, They Rarely Mingle With Family And Friends , They Dont Even Trust Their Own Shadow And Would Strike Where It Means The Most | They Remain “Our First Lines Of Attack” As They Already Live Behind Enemy Lines.Many Doubt They Even Exist | Many Believe Them Being Out There Behind Enemy Lines , Under Cover , Under Ground Waiting For Their Objective To Be Achieved Saariya’s Markhor Black Storks Badge Is A Tribute To The Unsung Heroes