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Saariya's Mustafavi 3D SSG Brass Lapel Pin

by Saariya's be the Man!
PKR 1,700

SSG Deathnote
 3D Metal Lapel Pin
 The Noble Warriors
 SSG Sign It With Their Blood

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SSG Deathnote 3D Metal Lapel Pin |

The Noble Warriors | The Darweshis | The Sufis With A Gun | Special Services Group !

Deathnote Means The Blood Pledge To Sacrifice Any Thing , Everything  To Safeguard The Honor Of Islam &  Islamic Republic Of Pakistan , SSG Sign It With Their Blood ,The Ceremony Refers Back To Bayt E Rizwan, The Blood Pledge Is Also A Deathnote For The Enemies Of Pakistan , SSG Vow To Lawlessly , Mercilessly Despatch Enemies Of Islam And Pakistan To Hell No Teams Come After SSG , They Are The First Line Of Attack And The Last Line Of Defense

SSG Deathnote Is Dedicated To All Unnamed SSG Warriors Who Fought Relentlessly On Each Mission That Was Or Would Have Been Their Last Mission To Those Who Achieved Martyrdom & Those Who Became Ghazis Or Those Who Remain Ready For Any Challenge They Will Be Given, Blessed Will Be Those Who Raise The Green Flag In Delhi & Those Who Will Reach Damishk For The Great Wareven A SSG Is Old & Retired His Resolve To Sacrifice For His Beloved Country Remains Rock Solid They Remain In Search For Their Last Battle , Mission