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SteelSeries Ikari Laser Gaming Mouse

PKR 6,199

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• Programmable macro buttons

• Driverless plug-and-play feature

• Pressure points to reduce friction

• SteelSeries ExactSens

• SteelSeries FreeMove Technology

• CPI high/low indicator

• Adjustable CPI settings

• 40.000 Samples Per Second (SPS)


LCD Display

The LCD display on the Ikari Laser allows gamers to quickly and easily adjust their settings. This is a winning feature especially if you attend LAN parties or use your mouse on different software and hardware platforms.


XY2 Laser

The advanced XY2 laser engine inside the Ikari laser makes this a perfect mouse for FPS gaming at the highest level. This laser is faster and more precise. It can reach 40,000 SPS (Samples Per Second), which is about five times faster than conventional laser technology.


Toggle On-the-Fly Sensitivity

With "Toggle On-the-fly", the Ikari introduces an option for gamers to have two different sensitivity settings and switch between them with only one button click below the scroll wheel on the mouse. This allows you to switch your sensitivity settings quickly, whether it's for different weapon types in FPS games or in player vs. player action for MMORPG games.


Programmable Macros

The Ikari Laser has a programmable macro setup and a feature option for RTS and MMORPG gaming. Its intuitive button layout, makes life easy for gamers who have the need for fast and multiple macro use.


SteelSeries FreeMove

SteelSeries FreeMove gives you the option to remove interpolation of the mouse. Conventional mouse settings "help" you move your cursor or pointer in a straight line, but this so-called "help" often makes you lose accuracy. By enabling FreeMove, your mouse will move on the screen exactly as you move it on the surface.


SteelSeries ExactSens

SteelSeries ExactSens provides you with settings for precise sensitivity. On a traditional mouse, for example, a sensitivity of 1.7 means that you multiply your physical movement on the surface by 1.7 on the screen. This makes cursor movement less predictable and inaccurate. ExactSens provides you with sensitivity control allowing you to change settings from 1-3200 CPI in increments of 1.


Large Glide Surface for Maximum Control

The large glide pads underneath the mouse give it a smooth and fluent glide on any surface. This provides extra stability and reduces friction for maximum control. The glides are interchangeable and changing them out regularly with SteelSeries Glides will ensure your product remains in peak performance.



Plug and Play Operation

There are no external drivers needed to configure your settings for the Ikari Laser. All you need is in the mouse itself, which makes it perfect for travel and when using multiple platforms or computers.

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