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Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani women's lawn collection price in Pakistan

The topic of versatile designers is always a part of the women's discussion as they always looking for something classier to expose the beauty of her personality. Their frequently rising interest for the fashion wear enforces the new and experienced designers to launch something identical that could maintain their competitive position.

Tena Durrani is one of the well-known names in the fashion industry as it integrates into the industry with a proper understanding of the importance of fashion for women. Tena Durrani is creating a complete range of sophisticated casual and formal wear since 2005 and now her name is in the list of creative thinkers who have a tendency to twist the fashion trend. Each dress from the collection of Tena Durrani is the proof of perfection and a true definition of Pakistani tradition.

The high-quality fabric by Al Zohaib:

The pure quality of the fabric is the key strength of the Teena Durrani collection that gives the true value to the beauty of the overall suit. Al Zohaib is the fabric partner of Teena Durrani which is also quite famous in its industry as it produces the best quality of the fabric. Teena Durrani designs each suit with a delicate sense of fashion through which it easily overcomes the style needs of the huge market.

Lively design and fine embroidery:

The design of each suit is up to the standard that could give a luxurious touch to the personality of the wearer. You can find a vast variety of traditional embroidered suits from the fashion house of Teena Durrani. Each suit finalizes with different embroidery which enhances the option for the fashion lovers and takes them beyond the boundary of the selected option. The embroidery is mostly done on sleeves, boarder, neckline and front panel while print also let you enjoy the brightness of your outfit.

Un-stitched collection by Tena Durrani:

Most of the women prefer to purchase a branded outfit from the un-stitched collection because they don't want to compromise with their perfect look at any cost. Tena Durrani women collection mostly come in the unstitched form that will let you proceed the dressmaking procedure as per your requirement. Now you don't need to wear an irregular suit which looks awful on your personality as you can enjoy your beauty with a gorgeous designer suit in proper fitting.

Summer collection by Tena Durrani:

Every designer put great attention to launch their summer collection as women looking for something calm that maintain their confidence level in the hot season. Tena Durrani also focuses to launch inspirational summer collection and you can find everything from formal to casual from Tena Durrani women's lawn collection.

Winter collection by Tena Durrani:

Tena Durrani has a good understanding with the seasonal fashion need that's why it brings something classier for each season. In winter, ladies pick those dresses which have been produced by thicker fabric that's why Tena Durrani uses some appropriate fabric to complete its winter collection. The level of work on the dresses of winter collection is also at the peak the same as summer wear but the different fabric keeps the wearer into the comfort zone.

Availability of Tena Durrani collection:

The head office of Teena Durrani is located in the Karachi but if you can't approach to the outlet of Tena Durrani then don't feel bad at all. Tena Durrani collection is now exclusively available at online stores as well through which you can purchase one or more banded outfits from your place as well. The pricing strategy is fluctuating from store to store but the quality of the original Tena Durrani dress will definitely satisfy your fashion's thrust.

Tena Durrani women's collection at is one of the reputable e-commerce stores in Pakistan as we bring hues of genuine products at one place. The step was quite difficult for us but our timeless effort helps us to accomplish that difficult task and let us win the trust of our customers. We are also offering a vast variety of branded outfits for women at the competitive price and Tena Durrani collection is also one of them. Tena Durrani women's lawn collection price in Pakistan will definitely inspire you so don't miss the astounding chance and place an order here now!