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Xbox One 500GB With Kinect

by Al-Oasis Traders
PKR 60,000

•  Storage: 500GB
•  Resolution: 1080p & 720p
•  Color: Black
•  Make Skype calls in HD on your TV
•  Instantly switch between your games, live TV, and apps
•  Work out smarter with Xbox Fitness
•  Command your Xbox and TV with your voice

24 - 48 Hours
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Sold by: Al-Oasis Traders
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Details brings you the best Price for Xbox One 500GB With Kinect with express shipping all over Pakistan.


Xbox One With Kinect – 500 GB Prices in Pakistan

Witness the elite sophistication of the latest Xbox series edition; the new Xbox One model with Kinect. Experience gaming as never before through its high quality video graphics and exceptional control accessories. It is the ultimate gaming console which brings all forms of entertainment and software applications straight to your fingertips. It contains 500 GB space capacity alongside the laser infrared KINECT technology to provide special gaming techniques and ease of usage. Get Xbox One console now!!



Microsoft has taken a huge leap from Xbox 360 to Xbox One – it boasts a unique sleek design with an impressive finishing touch. Xbox One comes with a smooth and shiny look, disk tray on the right and more air space to eradicate heat problems. Available in black and contains immaculate features that gives high standard gaming.



Another change from the previous Xbox console; beautiful lining and button placement and low trigger impulses for firm controller grasp. Applies more precision in top level gaming with efficient response through button press. Wireless technology for better handling, with a wider field in the vicinity for control detection. The Xbox One controller is the prime accessory ensuring easy gaming for beginners and experts alike.



Xbox One Kinect model comes with the highest storage system yet – a whopping 500 GB. Save as many games as possible through download and online gaming. Make your own personal gaming collection and go back to old games at any given time rather than deleting them. Also applications, music and videos – all can be stored in this overwhelming top notch console.



Embrace the new KINECT gaming system through infrared and motion sensor technology. For the first time ever, a console allows you to play physically to become one with the game experience. Xbox One contains special sensors to detect hand gestures giving more ease of control. The voice navigation sensor can provide results based on voice commands encrypted directly into its core. This is the introduction of a new gaming technique that has revolutionized the gaming industry.



Xbox Live is the gaming network allowing gamers from across the world to play games more efficiently amid security. Best multiplayer capability for playing with friends and family or having live competitive gaming – all within the secured confines of gaming without any bugs or cheatissues. A new backward compatibility feature allowing for older console version games to be played on the new Xbox One.



Gaming is only a fraction of what this console is capable of. Start your PC and TV experience by logging on to various software applications. Watch favorite movies, live TV shows; listen to popular music and videos.

It is the perfect transition from other consoles becoming the top tanked #1 system with a complete feature set. Xbox One goes above and beyond anything you can imagine. Buy now and be enthralled with its unlimited features and specifications that put other gaming consoles to shame.