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Air Fryer Price in Pakistan | Philips, Kenwood &WestPoint

Air fryers are tiny ovens with a focused heat source along with a strong fan that aids with circulating the hot air to crisp up wings, fries, vegetables, and other air-fried foods with little (or no!) oil. They provide a beautiful "fried" finish that your oven range can't match, as well as reheating results that blow the ordinary microwave out of the water. Furthermore, an air fryer uses a tiny quantity of the produced oil aids with the crispy results and conventional cooking techniques such as deep frying.

The Kitchen Appliances Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute regularly analyses big and small kitchen appliances are to fetch which require that it is worth spending money on. We put more than 30 air fryers to the test, including basket-style air fryers, air fryer ovens, toaster ovens, and even a few microwaves and multi-cookers that can air fry.

When we test air fryers, we air-fried frozen and fresh French fries and chicken wings to and check the level of usage is as easy as it performs well. Crispness, juiciness, and evenness were the criteria for grading the final product. Our best performers air fried food to a crisp texture with a moist inside and were simple to use, with big, easy-to-read buttons that needed only the owner's handbook on rare occasions. These are the finest air fryers you can get right now in 2021:

Different Brands 

ishopping. pk provide you with different brands ranging from Low to High Prices In Pakistan. The list are as follows:

WestPoint Easy Air Fryer XL Black (WF-5257)

westpoint air fryer price in pakistan is PKR 14,850. what are you waiting for? Just add to chart and get the air fryer delivered in pakistan.

westpoint air fryer offers you to get your food cooking done instantly but just frying.

Sencor Multifunction Vita Air Fryer (SFR 5400WH)

multifunction air fryer is for PKR 43,067.Just add in your shopping chart and get this in your kitchen to cook the best.

Sencor air fryer enables you have the benefit of multi- functions in one fryer.

Philips Premium Air fryer XXL Black (HD9650/91)

Philips Air Fryer  is for PKR 49,999.You are just one step away which is that philips allows you to cook food. Send us your email adress and get it delivered right at your door step.

Air Fryer Philips is the branded item which last longer and cook the best food

Kenwood Air Fryer 3.8 Ltr White (HFP30)

All right reserved are of the kenwood air fryer price in pakistan. It sells at the afforadle rate which is 23,000 ruppess only.

Kenwood Air Fryer the branded fryer help you cook the food with your satisfaction

Anex Deluxe Air Fryer (AG-2019)

Anex Deluxe Air Fryer Cooking best at the lowest price 12,333 PKR only at Get with the capacity to keep at home.

Cambridge Air Fryer Silver (AF-19)

Cambridge Air Fryer Silver is having the discount right now as the price wasPKR 17,500, where as now it is PKR 13,750. A huge discount is offered on this product now.

Alpina Deep Fryer (SF-4001)

alpina deep fryer PKR 10,075. Frying food makes you fat? Donot worry cook at home with the normal temperature at your place. Call us and get your fries now cooked health at your home.

Breville Halo+ DuraCeramic Health Fryer Grey

You may get the Breville Halo at the best price for just PKR 22,999 at

Geepas Air Roaster (GAR4309)

The geepas air fryer PKR 8,129. Fried food as fingure chips ect help you get in the oil and ready to eat.

Vitamax Deep Fryer 1.7 Ltr (VM-828)

Vitamax Deep Fryer is sold for PKR 4,499. Deep fryer help to cook the food with having the market taste at home.

Details of Air Fryer 

The air fryer comes with more power as countertop convection (However, there is a distinction between air-frying and baking.

How Does It Work?

It is a tiny device, patented by Philips Electronics Company, promises to replicate the effects of frying it deeply using hot oil processing.As we look at the different researches, we find that the NPD Group has the analysis which shows almost 40% of households in the United States. This report was generated in July. The air- fryer is used to make different things such as chicken wings and handmade french fries to roasted veggies, fresh-baked cookies, etc.

Air Fryers Process

In the upper portion, a heating mechanism is used. At turning it on the fryer, heated air flows down and around the food in a fryer-style basket. The food becomes crisp due to the fast circulation, which is similar to deep-frying but without the oil.

Best tips for using an air fryer

Fill the basket with your food

The basket may contain anywhere from 2 to 10 quarts, depending on the size of your air fryer. In most instances, 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil will be needed to help the meal get crispy.

Time and a temperature Selection

Depending on the item you're preparing, air fryer cooking durations and temperatures vary from 5 to 25 minutes at 350° to 400°F.

Allow the meal to cook

When we talk about the cooking period, always make sure to have a patient in order the meal gets cooked in the period that one may move with cleaning your air fryer once you've finished cooking.

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