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Philips Trimmer Price in Pakistan

Explore the original Philips trimmer and other grooming kit machines online in Pakistan at the most affordable rates on Enjoy countrywide delivery with Guaranteed Best Rates!


Discover the Best Philips Trimmer Price in Pakistan |

Are you looking for the best Philips trimmer prices in Pakistan? You have made a right decision because comprehensive guide offers you the latest Philips trimmer models with their reasonable prices. Philips is a well-known brand for grooming and personal care products. Its trimmers comes in a variety and of different categories in Pakistan including hair clippers, beard trimmers, shavers etc. Philips trimmers have superior technology and cutting edge designs and also comes with many specifications that absolutely fulfil your needs. We’ve listed Philips trimmer price in Pakistan that will definitely help you in selecting.




Philips OneBlade Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer (QP2520/20)


Philips Multigroom Series 7000 2-in-1 Hair Trimmers (MG7735/15)


Philips Series 3000 Hair Clipper (HC3520/15)


Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000 (BT1214/15)


Philips Hair Clipper Series 3000 (HC3505/15)


Philips Kids Hair Clipper Series 1000 (HC1055/15)


Philips Series 3000 Hair Clipper (HC3400/15)


Philips Hair Clipper Series 3000 (HC3426/15)


Philips Series 1000 Body Groomer (BG1024/16)


Philips Body Groomer Series 3000 (BG2026/15)


Philips Series 3000 Body Groomer (BG2024/15)


Philips GoStyler Hair Trimmer (NT9141/10)


Philips Hair Trimmer (QC5130/15)


Philips Family Hair Clipper (QC5115/15)




We’ve mentioned the detailed specifications of Philips Trimmer Price in Pakistan. Philips trimmers are used for grooming which includes beard trimming and mustache sideburns. Hairstylists also used trimmers for shaping and detailing of hairs especially for intricate designs. Trimmers are the best alternatives of shavers and also used for grooming of body hairs like chest and back areas. Trimmers are far better as compared to the traditional razors. Philips trimmer comes with the tempered steel blades that will not break. The trimmers sharpen steel blades for body and face are tempered for high strength and reinforced with iron as well. The Philips Trimmer price in Pakistan vary from minimum 4k – 28K and so on.  Philips Body trimmers have bigger heads with power of giving good performance and the Multi-groom trimmers have couple of head attachments such as shavers, precision trimmer, body and nose hair trimmers and many more depends on the model. Hence, these multi-purpose trimmers provides you multiple functionalities. is a trusted online platform that provides the best quality authentic products to its audience at the best budget-friendly prices.



Q) Which is the best Philips face and body trimmer?

Philips body hair trimmer SERIES 7000 is one of the best trimmer, a multi-grooming dream that can handle two different tasks from the same device.


Q) Is Philips a good trimmer?

We’ve found the cordless Philips MG7750 is the trimmer that best suited to getting most beard looking great.


Q) Can Philips trimmer cut skin?

Philips electric shaver designed to be kind to your skin but, cuts can happen from time to time with any shaving method. This risk can be minimized by adapting your shaving techniques.


Q) Can I use Philips trimmer for public hair?

You can use Philips Bodygroomer to trim and shave your body hair below the neckline for examples armpits, chest and public areas.


Q) How long Philips trimmer is fully charged?

The Philips trimmer is designed to be charged with a micro-USB cable. It fully charges in 8 hours and runs for up to 30 minutes.


Q) Is Philips trimmer waterproof?

It can be safely cleaned with water and used while taking a shower or a bath. For safety purpose, these waterproof groomers can only be used cordless and will not turn on if they are connected to the power supply.


Q) How long do Philips trimmer last?

Charge your trimmer for 1 hour to get 60 minutes of cordless use or you can use it plugged in while charging.


Q) Does Philips trimmer have battery?

Customers are satisfied with the battery life of the hair trimmer and it has a perfect battery backup that lasts longer than expected.


Q) Which country made Philips?

Philips & CO. was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard.


Q) What is the difference between Philips trimmer and shaver?

With a trimmer, you can adjust its length to the desired level. A shaver uses a foil system that pushes up against the skin.


Q) Does Philips trimmer need oiling?

We recommend oiling your groomer regularly. You can apply a few drops of oil on the teeth of the cutting element of your groomer.


Q) Who is the owner of Philips?

Gerard and Anton Philips are the founders of Philips and Roy Jakobs is the CEO of Philips. Philips headquarters are in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Q) Can Philips trimmers use without a comb?

Use the trimmer without the trimming comb to trim hair close to the skin (to a length of 0.5mm) or contour your neckline or sideburns by holding it at a 90-degree angle to your skin.


Q) Why is Philips famous?

Philips made its name in the lighting industry, and the company established itself as one of the most trusted lighting brands in the world. This development helps in speed the company’s growth.

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