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Indoor Heaters at Affordable Prices in Pakistan

Winter season is on its way to us, soon we will have cold weather and we will start pulling things out that keep us warm like sweaters, shawls, jackets, mufflers and so on. In winters, along cold everywhere feeling cold indoors also make you annoy, for this only ideal solution is the heater to stay warm. Regardless of central home heating you have or not, here we are discussing some facts and aids of heaters actually making your winter life easier.

Classification of Heaters

For your home needs there are three major classifications of heaters according to their functionality, briefly explained below;

Oil Radiator Heaters: These are very common domestic heaters with convection heating functionality, which involves the heating of oil electrically but does not burn oil as fuel and it is only used as a heating pool.

Fan Heaters: Fan heaters are those in which fan pushes air over hot element, this making the air hot and thus warming up your room.

Standing Heaters: Standing heaters are actually versatility for users about indoor electrical heaters, these are floor standing you can move them as per your need or in room where your guests are sitting.

Recent Technology and Features

• Indoor heaters are now mostly electrical, with having technology for energy saving. These are all energy efficient now and surely reduce down your electric bills.

• These are portable like most of them are light weight so you can move them easily.

• LCD screens and displays showing current temperature of the room.

• Different variable settings like warm or cold air settings.

Assortments at

We have a very huge stage for heaters in home appliances stock; at our showcased category we have presented all types of heaters from small to large and from oil to fan heaters. Look at our shop window to take over the best one of your choice at affordable prices in Pakistan.

We are always here to welcome your questions and inquiries, our customer representatives would definitely assist you in your best stake. Reach us and get our delightful services.

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