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Kinds of Refrigerators and their Prices in Pakistan

In this modern century, people love to decorate their homes with latest and stylish electronic appliances. These home appliances are now compulsion for our daily household tasks and becoming spine for our lives. In this regard, refrigerator is an integral need of every house now, for keeping cooked/half-done foods or other perishable products like dairy items, vegetables and meat etc, healthy and fresh.

For the convenience of people is offering several kinds of branded refrigerators from massive updated stocks including latest models and designs, different kinds of refrigerators include the following;

French Door Refrigerators

This refrigerator has doors with structural architecture of French doors; hence got this name. On top side it has two doors open from the middle and a bottom freezer drawer.


It is the refrigerator having freezer at bottom. It allows you to organize your food conveniently in bottom freezer drawer. It is very much suitable for household women to see and approach food items with ease.

Side By Side Refrigerators

If you are looking for maximum storage space! Side by side refrigerators are the best choice for it. Vertical structure of such refrigerators allows equal storage space for both fridge and freezer.

Compact Refrigerators

These are refrigerators also known as mini or bar fridges, designed for convenience where you have limited space in room or in kitchen. It is available in one or 2 door compact designs.


It is very common type of refrigerators, as people have been using it from past many years. Its design is very appropriate for access and quick retrieval of frozen food or veggies.

Beverage Refrigerators

It is the refrigerator used for chilling beverage bottles and cans of beverages, at desired level of temperature. These refrigerators have vertical structure with having one or 2 doors of glass.

About refrigerators vital thing is the prices offered in market for different designs and brands. Do not be ambiguous while considering for, browse and make your choice from massive updated inventories available at exceptional online prices in Pakistan.

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