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Foundation Price in Pakistan

Every woman has a dream of owning glowing skin from the breakfast till the bedtime that's why they love to collect some meaningful makeup product. The makeup product list for women is enough extensive through which they can bring out their hidden beauty in the best way. Foundation is one of the highly demanded cosmetic product in all over the world. Women cannot neglect the value of the foundation's layer while putting on makeup as it is a perfect way to ensure the smoothness of face. Its name explains that overall makeup depends on the ideal layer of foundation. Foundation price in Pakistan can bring water in a mouth and do not create an extra burden on the shopping budget. Once you apply foundation in the right way then your face gets ready for further cosmetics.

Shades of Foundation:

The foundation available in different shades and cater uniform tune to the entire face. You can easily get a suitable shade for you that meets the look of your personality. It covers the mark and uneven complexion and let your skin glow perfectly. Deep, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, olive beige, light, extra light are some of the highly famous shades of foundation throughout the world. The impressive range of shade and foundation price in Pakistan makes sure that women can enjoy their desired complexion without any hassle.


The coverage of the foundation is also important to understand while purchasing it. Coverage mainly classifies into sheer, light, medium, and full.

• Sheer compromises with 8%--13% pigment and consider as a most transparent coverage of a foundation. It does not hide discoloration but manages a contrast of face with a finished formula.
• Light is the next level of coverage which could also cover unevenness of the tune. The pigment range is 13%-18% in that coverage through which it slightly covers irregular patches.
• Medium coverage let you set the shade of face with the range of 18%-23% pigments. You can easily cover the marks of pimples and discoloration of a face with this range of pigment.
• Full coverage is the solution of scars, birthmark, hyperpigmentation, and vitiligo. It holds up to 35% pigments and set the smooth layer of same shade throughout the face.

Kinds of Foundation:

The reputed brands of cosmetic always consider different types of cosmetics and prefer to produce products for all types of skin. Foundations are also come for different types of skin through which you can apply a suitable one and glow your skin rightly. The nature of the foundation reflects some impact on Foundation price in Pakistan. Recently, foundations are available in the form of liquid, cream, mousse, and powder. Each kind of foundation has its own way to cater a smooth touch to the skin and makes it more electrifying.

Original Branded Foundation at

If you are looking for the branded collection of foundation at the official price then you should stop yourself here. Take a look at our impressive foundation collection and buy any one of them. Foundation price in Pakistan has been set as per official standard and you do not need to pay any irrelevant fees to own best one.

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