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Washing Machines Prices in Pakistan

Technology is bringing change and convenience in every field of life. For domestic women this change can be seen in the form of featured home appliances and women are now more dependent on them. Home appliances help household women to perform daily tasks more effectively in lesser time. Among many other home appliances washing machine is very imperative home equipment for effortless washing of clothes.

Presently, washing machine is the first choice of every household woman for home laundry and becoming very common home appliance. It facilitates in doing fast and quick laundry to save lot of time and fatigue.

Want to Buy Perfect Machine for Your Laundry?

Following are the 3 major classifications of washing machines to be considered while buying;


It is the most common type of washing machine, with having two types of loading either from top or from front. In top loading you can place clothes into the tub from top and lid close while in front loading clothes are placed inside from front and door closed.


It has two tubs, one for washing and other for drying, after washing clothes you have to transfer them to other tub manually for drying. It requires lesser time as well as water for washing cycle and can be moved easily form one place to another.


It is a household machine used to remove moisture from clothes after washing; it is also named as tumble dryer.

Significant Range of Designs and Varieties at offering significant range of designs and varieties for washing machines and dryers from famous brands. Go through our category, you will find numerous quantities so that you can choose easily by keeping your requirements in front. One plus gain is, at rates we are offering them, very fine prices in comparison with other stores and markets.

Are You in Need? Get it now!

If you are in need of a washing machine perfect for your laundry needs, grab it now by simply placing an order to us. Very soon we will get back to you with our customer services, available 24/7.

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