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Blenders & Mixers

Hand Blenders at Lowest Prices in Pakistan

With increasing use of kitchen appliances, blenders are becoming more popular because of their versatile functions for different kitchen tasks. Blenders are now coming as a complete package, if you want to make healthy and tasty juice drink or for smoothie making or grinding and chopping etc. This is now becoming an appliance that women are more likely to have it in their kitchen.

First of all, you have to keep in view your usage and kind of blender you are going to pick form market, if you are just looking to make milkshake or smoothie in the morning; surely you are looking for different model. Blenders can be classified in two major kinds as follows;

Immersion Blenders

These are handheld stick blenders specially used for thinner blender drinks like soups and smoothies, while it is used for blending soft items like fruits and veggies.

Different kinds of Immersion blenders includes the following

1) Hand blenders

2) Stick Blenders

3) Cordless Blenders (Battery powered)

Countertop Blenders

These are bit heavy blenders with having jar or jug thus also called jug blenders. They can perform numerous tasks like mixing, grinding, chopping, crushing ice etc.

Countertop blenders have following types according to their usage

1) Personal Blenders

2) Cocktail Blenders

3) Smoothie Blenders

4) Heavy Commercial Jug Blenders.

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