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Buy Air Purifiers at Best Prices in Pakistan

One of the top environmental factors effecting human health is indoor pollution. This indoor pollution is unwanted because it contains harmful particles or materials resulting in health issues. For healthy environment, it is essential to ventilate home with clean outdoor fresh air. Yet ventilation method is good to some extent, because it is limited by outdoor atmosphere conditions and undesirable containments carried by air. After all such measures you may have last resort for indoor air cleaning, that is a cleaning device like air purifier.

Such indoor cleaning devices has been designed and introduced to remove pollutants from indoor atmosphere. Air purifiers help in keeping indoor air fresh and healthy to keep you save from diseases like allergies and asthma etc. There are different kinds of air purifiers available in markets out there. Some air purifiers have many layers for air filtration in many phases while some are single purposed. Here we are going to discuss three most common kinds of air purifiers;


It is the technology used for trapping all particles larger than 0.3 microns. We humans can only see particles larger than 10 microns. Hence HEPA filters are known as best air purifiers and hook infected particles those cannot be seen like chemicals, bacteria and viruses.


Air purifiers with this technology have a UV lamp installed for microorganisms. Radiating UV rays from lamp destroy microorganisms as they pass by UV rays.


These are the purifiers producing gas Ozone (O₃). Many particles present in indoor atmosphere are making ineffective virtually by Ozone.

Available Brands at

For best of your selection what we have showcased for you includes all branded air purifiers namely Beurer, Sinbo, Sharp, Elite, Panasonic, LG, Dyson, Honeywell and much more. Just browse our category page and select.

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