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Marham Herbal Ishma Herbal Oil

by MARHAM Herbal & Homoeopathic Treatment

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Benefits For Men And Women
 Ishma Herbal Oil Completely eliminates dandruff
 itchy skin and hair follicles and gray hair
 It is easily absorbed

2 - 4 Working Days
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Sold by: MARHAM Herbal & Homoeopathic Treatment
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Hair Loss In Just 5 Days Equally Useful Benefits For Men And Women: Ishma Herbal Oil Completely eliminates dandruff, itchy skin and hair follicles and gray hair. Cutting strengthens the hair follicles and extends beyond the middle of the head. It is easily absorbed into the scalp and stops hair loss and helps in further growth of dark and thick hair. Headaches are also useful in relaxation and benefits in two curly hair and the hair that breaks in between Useful and beneficial method: Massage the hair in the same way while sleeping at night so that the oil is absorbed well in the hair roots and wash it with Eshma shampoo during the day to double the result. Also Eshma Herbal Oil Body. Of other sock diseases. Also extremely useful for walking children who are useful in joint back and muscle pain. Can't enable them to walk. Children twice in 24 hours. Lumbar foot massage is useful, relieves nervous weakness and strengthens the immune system. Anemia in the body. Stroke of stomach and heart Useful for diseases. Alkaline herbal oil is also very useful in hemorrhoids. Methods of use in hemorrhoids Dosage: In the morning and evening, apply 2 tablespoons of Ramna on the affected area with cotton wool. And give newborn babies a dropper.