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Recommended Store for Laptop Price in Pakistan

Science has sought long ways to bring optimum comfort to humanity, there's certainly no doubt at it. Same is the case when you choose to compute at any level. Laptops have remained no more than a compact box with a keyboard and screen. Long gone are the days when there were typical computing stations docked in your lap. In recent years, laptops have been taken to another level of excitement under different names like tablet phones, notebooks, sleek books, ultrabooks and so on. Each and every brand of laptops of international bounds is now easily available at a single click away just visit us at and see laptop price in Pakistan, we are coming up with the most – affordable prices.

We have the best collection of laptop that belongs to different well-known brands and their price has been set by considering the best laptop price in Pakistan. You can also find the latest laptop at this platform which isn't easily available in the local market and other online stores. The buyers consider multiple aspects while purchasing a laptop and some main aspect is as under:

Operating System

The entire performance and style of computing device depend on the software and that software depends on the operating system. The developers firstly focus on the advancement of the operating system while introducing a new model in the market. The advanced operating system enhances the efficient performance of computing device through which its users can install more upgraded software and run a different program without any hesitation.

The operating system upgraded beyond the expectation of an individual and makes a laptop smarter and more efficient. 7th generation laptop highly depends on artificial intelligence that's why its demand rapidly increasing throughout Pakistan. A trend of 7th generation laptops in Pakistan enforces us to make sure the availability of a huge collection of 7th generation laptop that's why we add a charismatic variety of 7th generation laptop which belongs to different brands. The advancement of the operating system didn't stop at 7th generation and developers continuously working to make it more efficient. You can also find those more updated laptops at our online store and conveniently purchase it.

Internal Memory and Storage Capacity

Heavy data affects the speed of computing devices and irritate the users while they are doing their work. The buyers surely consider the capacity of storing data and internal memory of the laptop before making a purchasing decision.  Laptop price in Pakistan highly depends on the capacity of storing data and space of internal memory. The great space of storing data provide great speed through which an individual perform computing tasks in an ideal flow. Each laptop user has different store different amount of data that's why we add a huge variety of laptops in Karachi warehouse that contains the different capacity of storing data and internal memory.

Battery Life and Power Consumption

Battery life of any laptop also fluctuates laptop price in Pakistan. Each laptop consumes a different amount of energy that gives a certain life to its battery. You just need to charge it once and make it workable for a long time. The charging duration and battery life impact on the laptop's efficiency that's why an individual surely goes through the specification of an attached battery.


An individual must consider the size and outer body of a laptop while purchasing it. Each brand of laptop introduced laptop in multiple sizes to fulfill the requirement of the huge market. A traveler prefers to purchase mini laptop while some businessmen prefer big screen for clear vision. We add a different size of a laptop at our online store to set their price with respect to laptop price in Pakistan.

Cash Your Money in the Best Possible Way has always offered its valuable consumers the worth of their money. The lone qualitative online store offers laptops with official warranties as we have a huge number of reliable sellers on our portal those offering very delightful offers along with their accessories including bags, power adapters, other peripheral devices and a wide range of various models. However, it is to consider that laptop price in Pakistan do vary with the drastic changes in the market and competition among sellers.

Wide Range Available at offers numerous leading brands in the field of computing like ASUS, Acer, Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and you name it! Keeping in mind the laptop price in Pakistan, firmly believes that these products might not be as tempting as Sony, Apple, Dell and HP laptops in Pakistan, but we can surely guarantee you the ultimate experience of computing.  There's no such difference in terms of quality or performance, the only thing that matters is the reliability, affordability and the ease of payment procedures, delivery, and cash on delivery option.

What to Choose & What to Leave?

Thinking of being a layman when it comes to computing? There is no need to get worried anymore,'s customer support relation (CSR) team will not only educate you but suggests you the best deal in the best prices of a laptop in Pakistan, as the leading brands are consistently struggling to make their products reliable and fast on the back end, we are continuously getting them available for people in Pakistan. As far as the delivery is concerned, sit back & relax – offers nationwide delivery with optimum care and reliability. We are here to provide you with the true essence of comfort and relaxation with best deals in town at affordable prices. Go ahead and buy laptop online in Pakistan now from with confidence.

Best Laptop Price in Pakistan at

Our ambition is to offer a genuine variety of electronic item which isn't conveniently available in the local market. We are also offering numerous laptop of different brands that could fit with your lifestyle and a work requirement. We also update our customer about the configurations of each laptop and help them to take the right decision while purchasing a laptop. We consider the market offerings for Laptop Price in Pakistan and set our pricing strategy according to it. You can place your order any time to get your desired laptop at your doorstep. Visit us and see all well-known brands namely HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and Dell laptop price in Pakistan.

Gaming laptop price in Pakistan

Gaming laptops have become a visible part of the economy, but they are still difficult to sell. On the altar of providing the power to play games in high settings, they lose mobility, battery life and value compared to non-gaming laptops. Users today want a computer that can be upgraded and has a long battery life, a higher build quality, and a better keyboard and trackpad. There is a significant need for fast processing troubleshooting laptops suitable for dealing with a wide range of technical issues that users may face.

Laptops from the Gaming Series in Pakistan

Lenovo's Legion series, which offers everything a gamer needs, was introduced in response to this contemporary demand of consumers. A gaming laptop is only helpful if you're a dedicated gamer. With its foresight, Lenovo wisely targets the Youth with their gaming series, popular with students and those who can't afford a gaming desktop. The Lenovo Legion series is primarily designed to meet the demands of modern life.

The inclusion of powerful CPUs (core i7/ A processors), ample hard drive storage, cutting-edge graphics, and a high-resolution display in each laptop in this series ensures that your gaming experience is not limited. With their astounding variety of laptops offered under their gaming series, Lenovo caters for everyone from the budget-conscious to the casual gamer to the gaming fanatic.


A gaming laptop's graphics card (GPU), processor (CPU), chassis heat management, memory (RAM), and storage are all essential factors in its performance. Noise cancellation, the keyboard, the display, and, to a lesser degree, the speakers and trackpad are crucial characteristics. Paklap has highlighted the distinguishing attributes of the Lenovo Gaming Series for a better understanding of our consumers.

Competitive and compact

Legion Laptops are designed to meet the user's day-to-day challenges while also providing significant gaming capabilities on the move. Its sleek and polished design is a bonus that makes gaming laptops portable while yet delivering exceptional performance.

An excessive number of pixels

With its 6mm bezels, the Legion series will keep your eyes riveted to the game. It has over 2 million pixels and is displayed in FHD with a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz and a brightness of up to 300 nits for consistent and fluid visuals.

Intuitive Accuracy

Each Legion laptop has a full-sized, backlit, high-responsive keyboard and a number pad for maximum comfort and performance. The essential travel of 1.7 mm is visible and pleasant to operate.

Displays with a High-Resolution

With resolutions ranging from FHD to 4K, in-plane switching, and anti-glare technology, the Lenovo Gaming line stands out. The high-definition display will improve the gameplay graphics, keeping the player engrossed in the game.

Influential Speakers

JBL stereo speakers with subwoofers certified by Dolby Home Theater will give you a real-life experience in the game by amplifying every move your opponents make, giving you a pleasant encounter.


Packed with solid features like graphics cards, fast CPUs, and a stunning display, these gaming laptops are intended to maximise your gaming experience by increasing visuals, speed, and performance well above that of a standard laptop. Furthermore, access to such Lenovo gaming laptops in Pakistan is no longer restricted, as ishopping. Pk will send whatever laptop you specify to your doorstep without any hassle.

Only at iShopping can you get various Y series models provided by Lenovo Legion Series at the most affordable price you've been searching for. The warranty and guarantee offered are mentioned in each model. It only applies if the goods supplied is incorrect, damaged/broken, or defective.


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