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Smart Rings Price in Pakistan

Technology has revamped our thoughts and angle of viewing things around. No doubt it is the thing making our lives easier. Everyone can notice rapid technological developments from last decade till now. First we had only phones, and then upgraded to smartphones, can be named as little computers for your pocket. After this we had smart watches, through this technology we could use and control other devices like computers, mobile phones etc. And now what we have is the smaller technology gadget namely smart ring. Companies all over the world competing to become the pioneer developer of most featured smart rings and they are busy in finding ways in adding more functions to smart rings.

Smart ring is a small wearable gadget or device that fits to anyone’s figure. The objective behind this technology product is to assist users in controlling gadgets via gestures. Through this ring you can check your smartphone notifications without holding it into your hand, you can play games; unlock cars or homes and many more. Manufacturers are still busy in introducing more features to add in it.

Types of Smart Rings

Recently numerous kinds of smart rings are in the market, here we are going to discuss some famous smart rings rendering to their usage;

Mood Ring: It is the ring that uses for detecting user`s mood by detecting changes in skin conductors.

Thumb Ring: It has a bluetooth chip through which one can perform variety of functions like controlling volume of TV, unlocking of car, dialing phone and can control any other bluetooth device.

Jewelry Ring: with having bluetooth chip in it, it claims to open doors through notifications in different vibration styles and through a small led light.

Phone Ring: with this ring you can check your smartphones for any message, email, call or app notification, without carrying your phone with you all the time.

Available Brands at

Recently we have updated our inventory for smart rings and we have included most famous brands namely RINGLY, Neyya and Altruis. Smart rings from these brands are very expedient and handy for anyone.

Feel free to contact us for any query regarding this technology gadget; we have very easy going customer services procedure so that once can easily be facilitated in real time. Just make a call and we are here for you 24/7.


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