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Infrared Lamp

Get the muscle soothing infrared lamps from and relieve yourself of the body pain and aches in suitable time. These are top class technology products that have been enlisted by this online platform to promote its usage in this country. Check out the magical healing qualities of these infrared lamps enabling the curing of various body parts.

Infrared Technology Products

These lamps have been installed with infrared technology, providing efficient pain relief from various injuries and skin issues. The warm lamps are able to increase the blood flow to stimulate the healing process substantially. The treatment area can be specified and the hot rays from the lamp are directed for smooth and quick effect. This lamp item has become a widely interesting product and can attest to its effectiveness.

Latest Halogen Technology

This lamp system has not only been a medical savior but an effective tool for generating healthy body reactions. A wide area of 40x30cm and 60x40cm can be placed under full light of the halogen lamp with the optic fiber widening the field respectively. Provides ample warmth to remove any pain induced injuries through optimum treatment.

Improved Treatment Advantages

The levels of treatment displayed by infrared lamps are positioned as top remedial products worldwide. The first class halogen technology fitted digital timer for timing options and its adjustability; all playa huge part of it being the decisive requirement in such cases. The removal of stiff pain from joints through penetration of warmth into the body is a rare product found only under

Addition: Simulators

A recent addition to the infrared category: the dawn simulators. They contain numerous timing and display options which improve mood and entails the mind towards a positive perspective. Simulated sunrise provides with a proper waking system. Easy to handle and move around; quite handy for setting well-timed events. It is a fine contributor to the fine extensive product line developed by