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BRAUN Epilator Price in Pakistan

Epilator refers to the electrical device that removes unwanted hairs of body by pulling them out from the roots. Epilators provides an efficient and convenient methods for removing hairs. There are many types of epilators of various brands but as you all know BRAUN is considered to be a trusted and reliable brand in Pakistan among other brands. The Braun deals with high quality grooming devices and household kitchen accessories.

Braun Epilators are popular and trustworthy because they provide long lasting hair free smooth skin to the women of any skin tone no matter what the age is. Their epilators captures the hairs as short as the grain of salt (0.5 mm) and provides you beautiful long lasting smooth skin immediately. Epilators is much better than shavers because they remove more hairs as compared to other hair removal products, they also save your energy and time. People just need to know how to use an epilator exactly on your body in a correct way. Braun have introduced variety of epilators to the audience as per their range and demand. Braun epilators price in Pakistan ranges from (PKR 3,799 to PKR 420,000) approximately. Braun offers their epilators in affordable rates with efficient features.


BRAUN SILK Epil 3 Epilator 3 in 1 3-410

(PKR 12,390)

  • 2-Speed setting
  • Trimmer cap
  • Shaver head
  • 20-tweezer system
  • Soft lift tips
  • Massage rollers
  • High frequency massage cap

If you’re trying to remove unwanted hairs from your body. This Braun Silk epilator 3 in 1 is here for you! The epilator is designed to remove unnecessary hairs from your legs and underarms quickly without using tweezers. The epilator comes with 2x speed levels and 20 tweezers with corded power usage. It prevents your ingrown hairs, makes your rough skin so smooth and helps you in achieving the look you want.

BRAUN SILK Epil 3 Epilator 3 in 1 3-270

(PKR 27,299)

  • 12 V adapter
  • 2x speed settings
  • Smartlight
  • 20 tweezers
  • 3 in 1 epilator
  • Trimmer comb, shaver, epilator

This Braun epilator price in Pakistan is Rs. 27,299 which is considered to be the lowest price in whole Pakistan. Basically, it is the massage roller which gently stimulates and massages your skin more effectively to make you feel more comfortable. This Braun Silk epilator 3 in 1 comes with 2x speed and 20 tweezers that efficiently removes unwanted hair from the roots which results in long lasting smoothness.


Epilators provides you long lasting smooth skin up to 4 weeks and when the hair grow back you will feel it’s softer than before. You may face discomfort for the first-time using epilator but the Braun Silk epilators provides you painless experience with it’s regular use, also the epilator’s high frequency massage system stimulates your skin to make you feel comfortable. The Braun epilator price in Pakistan ranges from lower to higher because the epilators are of different attachments and specifications depending on the audience that which model they choose. The Braun epilator attachments specifically designed to use as per your ease and to provide you superior results for your body and private parts as well. You can place your order online on


  1. Q) Does Braun epilators suitable for all women?

Yes, the epilators gives long lasting hair-free skin to all the women of any skin tone or age.

  1. Q) Can we get results in 2 days?

The answer is absolutely “YES”, you can get immediate results within a seconds which lasts up to 4 weeks.

  1. Q) Does Braun epilators suits on sensitive skin?

Those who are new to epilating may confronts some difficulty in using first time so, ideally it is suitable for all skin types because it is designed to pull the hair, not the skin.

  1. Q) Can we use epilators on all body?

As the epilators available in different attachments so, it is completely depending on which model you choose. They are specifically designed to use on different body parts or whole body.

  1. Q) Is epilator safe to use on face?

Epilator comes with various specifications or attachments to use on different areas so, if you use Facial epilator which is specially designed to use on face, it is completely safe for using it.

  1. Q) How long the Braun epilators work?

The Braun epilators gives you long lasting smooth skin which works up to one month or 4 weeks because removal of hairs from root means that the hair takes long time to regrow than other removing methods like creams or shaving.

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